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Individual Psychotherapy

The connection and engagement of a person seeking help with a skilled therapist, has been shown repeatedly and consistently to have a powerful healing effect. Dr. Wallstrom has been influenced by the interpersonal therapy of Harry Stack Sullivan, the strategic and creative work of Milton Erickson, the positive psychology of Martin Seligman, and recent writing and research showing the impact on the physical structures of the brain from the therapeutic relationship. The latter findings have emerged from what is described as interpersonal neurobiology, an exciting new frontier of study featured in the writings of Daniel Siegel, Allan Schore, Lou Cozolino, and others. Dr. Wallstrom incorporates a practical, approachable, and personable style into therapy sessions, along with scientific awareness and spiritual sensitivity. The goal is the healing transformation of the suffering that often necessitates visits to a psychologist, into wisdom, relational improvement, clarity of purpose, emotional tranquility, and relief of pain. Such transformation is sought from the very first session of therapy.



Our values and commitment are to strengthening marriage and bringing renewal, joy, and contentment to this sacred relationship. Premarital counseling using personality and relationship inventories is an essential part of the preparation for marriage we do with couples. For married couples or those in long-term relationships seeking guidance for various difficulties, our approach is creative, customized to the issues you present, and focused on restoring stability, relieving pain, and encouraging positive movement in the life you share together.



Life challenges often are most effectively resolved within the context of family relationships. Dr. Wallstrom is mindful of the power of the family system, and often finds that creative problem-solving with family members in a session can be highly productive. Parenting consultations, resolving conflicts and miscommunications, clarifying roles, and dealing with persisting problems such as substance use, violence, trauma, school failure, and divorce adjustment, can be done powerfully and effectively in family sessions.



The teen years are dynamic and filled with distinct challenges and growth potential. The transition toward adult life is rarely easy, and can feature mixed feelings, unclear goals, conflict in relationships, destructive patterns, and deep uncertainty about oneself. We seek to provide a safe and supportive environment for teens to explore and resolve difficulties, and also to build a positive, collaborative relationship with parents.

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